Words of Life

Jesus and the Promise of the Ten Commandments Today

What if the Ten Commandments were not just a set of ancient rules, but a guide to experiencing the good life today?

Nearly everyone has heard of the Ten Commandments, the list of "thou-shalt-nots" found in the Bible. Jesus saw these commandments not as onerous burdens, but as guideposts to help us experience a good and beautiful life.

In this book of Scripture and inspiration, bestselling author Adam Hamilton brings modern eyes to the most important set of ethics in history. He considers the commandments in their historical context, considering the meaning of each commandment in Hebrew, unpacking how Jesus reinterpreted them, and showing how every thou-shalt-not was intended to point to a life-giving "thou shalt." He also explores how the latest research in science and psychology illuminates these commandments, rightly understood, as a way of ordering one's life beautifully in the present day. In a culture marked by workaholism, materialism, and social media-driven envy, God has given us a time-tested path that leads to gratitude, confidence, and peace.


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Resources for a Church-Wide Bible Study Experience

The Words of Life book is part of a Bible study experience perfect for all age groups during the Lenten season. Additional components include a comprehensive Leader Guide, a DVD with short teaching videos featuring Adam Hamilton, as well as resources for children and youth, and a Ten Commandments Card Pack.

Leader Guide

The Leader Guide contains everything needed to guide a group through a six-week Lenten study or a more in depth ten-session study including session plans, activities, and discussion questions.


Plan and customize your Lenten study.  The DVD includes short sessions on each commandment to combine in that way that fits your group and your schedule. Explore the Ten Commandments with Adam Hamilton as he teaches from locations in Egypt and The Nelson-Atkins Museum.  The video sessions are approximately 10 minutes in length and, when combined with the book and available Leader Guide, can be customized to create a six-week Lenten study.

Youth Study Guide

This Youth Study Book takes the ideas presented in Adam Hamilton’s book and interprets them for young people grades 6-12.

Children's Leader Guide

The Children’s Leader Guide contains session plans for younger and older children (grades K-2 and 3-6) including games, activities, craft ideas, and reproducible handouts.


Ten Commandments Cards

These cards list the Ten Commandments to help you remember them and embrace them as guideposts and guardrails for your life. Sold in packs of 25.

Words of Life Kit

Grab the full kit to create the perfect small-group experience in your church. 

  • Words of Life Book 
  • A comprehensive Leader Guide 
  • A DVD featuring Adam Hamilton  
  • Youth and Children Resources
  • One Pack of Ten Commandments Cards (Pkg of 25)

Words of Life Virtual Kit

Meeting virtually this Lent? Don't worry, we've got you covered!

This virtual kit has downloadable, editable leader guides for virtual classes for children, youth and adults, tips for creating meaningful discussion and community online. Also includes art and graphics for promotion and promo video.

Streaming Videos

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Prepare. Reflect. Pray.

Lent is a season of reflection and preparation, commemorating the time Jesus spent fasting in the desert, preparing for his own ministry. We observe Lent by focusing on our relationships with God and growing as disciples. In this webinar series, A Season of Reflection: Lenten Studies to Prepare for Easter's Celebrations, three beloved pastors and authors – Magrey deVega, Adam Hamilton, and Susan Robb – join Nicole Caldwell-Gross in conversation about their new Bible studies.

Be inspired in your own ministry by these behind-the-scenes talks before you begin this year’s Lent and Easter celebrations with your own churches. Click here to learn more and register!

Adam Hamilton  

Adam Hamilton is senior pastor of The Church of the Resurrection in Leawood, Kansas, one of the fastest growing, most highly visable churches in the country. Hamilton is the best selling and award-winning author of Moses, Creed, Half Truths, The Call, The Journey, The Way, 24 Hours that Changed the World, John, Revival, and Not a Silent Night.  

Learn more at www.AdamHamilton.com